Mon Oct 26, 2020

What is included?



For individuals or parties of two we use a large saloon (sedan). For three to four people a medium sized People Carrier (Mini-Van) or a estate car (station wagon) for four to seven people a large People Carrier. All vehicles have air-conditioning. All costs relating to the vehicle are included – fuel, insurance, etc. All rates quoted relate to the vehicle with driver/guide – not per person.



The services of your driver/guide throughout, you are not obliged to cover any other costs in relation to your driver/guide, i.e. lunch, etc. The longest amount of time you can hire a driver/guide for the day is ten hours.



The  vehicle is fully insured for hire and reward, we will be happy to provide evidence of this insurance cover on request.


Parking Charges

All parking charges are included within the Tour price up to the time limit accounted for.



Not included


Guest Accommodation

We do not generally arrange, book, or pre-pay guest accommodation. However we are more than happy to provide ideas, and contact details for accommodation we may recommend in each area.


Where we have recommended a venue for either refreshments or a meal we are unable to accept any responsibility for the conduct of that establishment. Our recommendations are made on the basis of personal experience and no form of commission or introduction fee is received by the Company


Entry Fees

Unless otherwise agreed these costs are not included.



This is totally at the discretion of guests, and therefore not included.


Travel Insurance

This is not included, and we strongly advise that you arrange your own cover.